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One of the unfortunate realities of being a business owner is that at some point, you’ll likely need to engage in a lawsuit with a business partner, client or employee. When this happens, it’s critical for you to work with a Knoxville business attorney you can trust to fully explore your legal options and find a resolution that allows your company to continue its great work. The team at Howard & Howard, P.C. has served local business owners for years, representing them inside and outside of court through a wide range of legal challenges. We’re dedicated to efficiently and effectively solving the legal problems of people and businesses by providing highly ethical and sound representation.

How a commercial litigation lawyer helps you

If not appropriately addressed, litigation has the potential to drastically impact your business, but Howard & Howard, P.C. takes on these issues in a swift and effective manner. We help with the following types of business and commercial litigation issues:

  • Intellectual property and non-compete violations. If employees leave your company to work for another organization or set up a competing business, you need to ensure that they abide by all non-disclosure agreements. If they don’t, we pursue court action against them to protect your company and its trade secrets.
  • Consumer lawsuits. We provide skilled defense services for your company if a customer sues you for false advertising, product liability, fraud or any other reason.
  • Employment law disputes. If an employee sues you for wrongful termination or discrimination, we craft a strong defense on your behalf by challenging the claim and demonstrating to the court that your company has a strong record of positive employment practices.
  • Regulatory issues. As you know, there are many regulations you need to adhere to as a business owner. If a government agency claims that you’ve violated the law, we defend you using our knowledge of the regulations governing a wide range of industries.

If your business needs the help of a strong Knoxville business or civil litigation attorney, call on our team for the personal attention that gets you through a difficult time.

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For all of your legal needs related to business and commercial litigation, call the skilled lawyers at Howard & Howard, P.C. at 865-588-4091 or contact us online. We serve businesses and residents throughout the Southeast.

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